IoT Project

We design and realize projects connected to the Internet of Things

"Internet of Things" is considered a possible evolution in the use of the Net: the objects, being able to communicate data on themselves and access aggregated information provided by others, are recognizable and acquire intellect. Internet of Things tends to evolve in parallel and reciprocally to the semantic web.


The main applicable domains and operative fields linked to the development of IoT are:


                    > Domotic

                    > Robotics

                    > Avionic

                    > Automotive

                    > Biomedical

                    > Monitoring in the industrial field

                    > Telemetry

                    > Sensors’ wireless nets

                    > Surveillance

                    > Survey on hostile events

                    > Smart grid and Smart Cit

                    > Embedded Systems 

                    > Telematics


At Ikrotek, we are specialized in the majority of the applicative domains and can help you realize the desired project linked to IoT.