Product Design

Any company who wants to offer innovation should be able to handle design really well. 

A designer transmits innovation under a creative, aesthetic, social and technological side, he has a transversal planning culture that enables him to operate in different fields. He understands and anticipates markets demands, mediating them with companies purposes and translating them into a concrete project that can be made for the most part with techniques typical of an industrial production, but sometimes used also in the artisanal field.


Once this professional figure was mainly connected to Large-scale retail trade, but today it is more and more linked also to small and medium enterprises that represent a really important economical entity in our country.


Design doesn’t include only styling but any other aspect of a project: aesthetics, technique, features, production and use needs: it is a “project” in the most complete and noble sense, becoming often one of the most distinctive elements in the image of an hi-tech product.


Ikrotec believes in collaborating with the designer to realize exclusive products that can interface in an ergonomic way with their installer and with their final users.



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